Providing Pest Control Services to Residents and Businesses in Bucks and Montgomery Counties for over 39 Years

Father & Son Exterminating Company has been serving Buck and Montgomery County for over 39 years. Established in 1972 we offer the highest quality work available at competitive prices. We constantly train our staff in the newest and most innovative techniques available. As a third-generation family owned and operated company, we take care of our customers as if they were our family.

It all began in 1972 with William (Bill) and Mabel Ogden and their son Rolla Wallace. At that time Montgomery Township area was growing day by day. Bill and Mabel saw this as a great opportunity to get their new company Father & Son Exterminating up and running. In the beginning our company was very small. Bill, Mabel and Rolla ran the company out of the Ogden’s house here in Horsham. It consisted of very long days and a lot of hard work. Bill and Mabel were politically involved and very well know in our area. This made it very easy to gain a lot of new and potential customers. In the beginning Bill handled most of the sales while Rolla performed most of the work. There was an advantage to working at home, which was the low expense in not needing to pay extra for a building. At that time they provided monthly pest control services, occasional lawn sprays and termite treatments. As their exterminating company began to get around to other businesses and to the public along with their reputation for being honest and reliable, finally it was time to expand our company.

In 1976 Bill, Mabel and Rolla found a nice location off Easton Road in Horsham now known as Beth’s Flower Shop as the perfect place to make Father & Son Exterminating bigger, better, and more successful. With the business growing it was nearly impossible for Rolla to continue to do all of the workload on his own. It became necessary to bring on two more family members, (Rolla’s brothers) Bill and Bruce Wallace. After sufficient class training, Bill and Bruce were ready to start their new jobs. Bruce was in charge of all the lawn sprays. While Bill took great interest wild life, which was getting rid of people’s problems with skunks, raccoons, squirrels, etc. With the help of two more technicians it gave, Bill and Rolla a lot more time to start selling new jobs and complete a lot more termite work.

By December 1979, we became incorporated and it was then time to move to a bigger place so we had even more room to expand. This was such a great opportunity because at our new place there was enough room for us to have a storefront for retail sales. Our new place was located right down the street from where we were. The new location was 203 Easton Road in Horsham. The new office had plenty of room for a chemical supply storage area. This extra storage increased the amount of chemicals that we kept on hand, so we could begin selling these chemicals directly to the public. The company’s customers were spreading the word of how reliable Father & Son really was and before the company new it, they had a lot of new customers.

It has been thirty-nine years since Father & Son Exterminating Company, Incorporated first started their business. Father & Son still has one of the three original owners Rolla Wallace. Bill & Mabel Ogden pasted away several years ago. Bill and Bruce moved on to different businesses and have changed their careers. The third-generation of Wallace’s, which are Renee and Stacey, have joined the company and have been running the office for over a decade now. Renee & Stacey our both Rolla’s daughter’s and now have been joined by both of there husbands. Renee’s husband Ron joined the company in 2003. Stacey’s husband Brian has been working for the company for the past 2 years. Father & Son Exterminating, Inc. is a great company filled with amazing people who are somehow related in a way, they are reliable and probably the best around. We are all loving people working to help others out. Hopefully Renee and Stacey will be the new owners one day and keep Father & Son Exterminating, Inc. going for another thirty-eight years.
The company has changed a great deal since the day it started. Father & Son Exterminating, Inc. now offers termite treatments, carpenter ant treatments, rodent control, lawn sprays, short orders, pest inspections, real estate inspections and quarterly pest control services. The company has expanded a great deal and is very reliable and successful in its doings. It truly is a family oriented business and one company to truly trust and rely on.